Scottish Sentencing Council – Focus Group Participant Recruitment

The Scottish Sentencing Council prepares and publishes sentencing guidelines for the Courts, as well as publishing information about sentencing dispensed by the Courts. As part of their most recent business plan, the Council are looking to provide guidance to the Courts around the sentencing of young people, around which this research will be based and your input would contribute towards.

Jack Gordon says:
“I am currently undertaking a PhD Internship with the Scottish Sentencing Council, with my particular research focusing on public perceptions of youth crime and youth offending.  I am in the early stages of recruiting volunteer focus group participants and was wondering if this may be something your members may be interested in participating in?  This would take up no more than two hours of delegates’ time and can be arranged at a mutually convenient location. I have attached a poster which summarizes the aim and objectives of the research to this email.”

Research Overview Final A5