Hanging Baskets – the FULL story

The funding of the Hanging Baskets is not as straightforward as it appeared.

Jim Miller, (Secretary), clarified the situation in his reply to Cllr Eoghann MacColl and you can see Christine Baillie and Chair Tom Howie are both correct.

From Jim Miller, Secretary.

To clarify, when we first decided to put up hanging baskets, we approached the grants committee for money to erect suitable brackets for same.
Two grants over two years gave us the cover we now have. All approved several years before you [Eoghann] were elected. The grants for the brackets were approved on the understanding that the CC would seek out funding via donations to pay for the baskets, rather than go ‘cap in hand’ back every year for ‘basket money’ which a number of Cllrs thought was a good deal!
That is what we have done up to and including this year. Christine Baillie and Chair Tom Howie are therefore both correct in saying that we have not sought any grant money for the baskets. 
However, no doubt due to the various fund raising events taking place in the village, which is fantastic, Tom Howie, commented on how increasingly difficult it was becoming to acquire donations, hence his Chairman’s comments that next year, if we wanted baskets, we might have to apply for a grant. Not what the original deal with the Council was about and not something we would want to do if it could be avoided!   
Regards   Jim Miller, Secretary


Hanging Baskets – correction

Cllr Eoghann MacColl, referring to the letter on the Village Noticeboard and the June 19 post on this website concerning funding of the Hanging Baskets in the village said that the facts as stated are incorrect. He said:

“I wanted to raise a point regarding your website before I finish up for the holidays.

It states online you have received no support from East Ayrshire Council towards hanging baskets. Indeed you have hanging baskets in Dunlop inspite of the Council. However the formal way to secure funding is via the Grants process. I was Chair of the Northern Area Grants Committee for the last year until it was merged into the Single Grant Committee. We received no application for the financial year 2012-13 or for this year towards the ring fenced monies allotted for hanging baskets. I double checked with Christine Baillie and she confirmed this. She also reminded me that all Community Councils in East Ayrshire were approached with details via a letter to remind them of the closing dates and to encourage them to participate in the process.

I thought I should make the point that it is slightly misleading to state that on your website, when infact you have not applied for the funding. Different story if you had not been successful of course.

I trust you understand my wish for the facts to be put out there and you respect that.

Leis gach deagh dhurachd,


We apologise to Cllr MacColl for this error. I will leave the post available online so that people can see what’s being referred to.