Copy of letter circulated to residents in Main Street, Dunlop

Dunlop CC Letterhead Aug 2013 copy24 May 2014.

To the Householder,
Main Street,


You may have attended a meeting of the Community Council way back in September, 2013, to express concerns about large lorries/H.G.V’s using Main Street, Dunlop.
At the meeting it was agreed to submit an ‘Incident Log’ prepared by residents to officials of the Roads Department, East Ayrshire Council, for comment and. thereafter, to arrange a public meeting, to discuss the problem and identify possible solutions for a ‘21st Century problem affecting an 18th Century street!’

Due to a number of circumstances, including re-organisation of local authority Roads Departments, there have been considerable delays in getting this meeting organised!   I am pleased to inform you that this discussion will now take place at our next Community Council meeting, which will be held at 7.30pm, Thursday, 5th June, 2014, in Dunlop Village Hall, to which you are invited.
In attendance will be Stewart Turner, Head of Roads for the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, accompanied by Kerr Chalmers, Traffic, Transportation & Road Safety Team Manager, East Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

The format for the meeting will be:-
(i) Information from these officials about the amalgamation of local authority roads departments to form the ‘Ayrshire Roads Alliance’
(ii) their ideas re Main Street traffic control.
(iii) a question and answer session, to which you are invited to contribute.

Irene Kerr, C.C. Secretary.

AGENDA for monthly meeting, 7.30pm, Thurs, 5th June, 2014

Dunlop CC Letterhead Aug 2013 copyAGENDA for monthly meeting, 7.30pm, Thurs, 5th June, 2014, Dunlop Village Hall.


Introduction of Guest Speakers –
Stewart Turner, Head of Roads for the ‘Ayrshire Roads Alliance’ and
Kerr Chalmers, Traffic, Transportation & Road Safety Team Manager, ‘East Ayrshire Roads Alliance’.
(i) Information re the new ‘Ayrshire Roads Alliance’.
(ii) ideas re Main Street, Dunlop, traffic control.
(iii) Question & Answer session.

MINUTES of Monthly Meeting held on 1st May, 2014.   App……..Sec……… MATTERS ARISING.  




IRENE KERR, Secretary

MINUTES for Monthly Meeting, Thurs, 1st May, 2014

Dunlop CC Letterhead Aug 2013 copyMINUTES for Monthly Meeting, Dunlop Village Hall, Thurs, 1st May, 2014.

PRESENT:- J. Young (Chair);  I. Kerr;  A. Pinkerton;  T. Howie;  D. Caulfield; J. Miller; Janette Miller;  E. Ferguson;  J. Taylor;  P. Graham;
E.A.C. Cllrs E. Freel;  E. MacColl;  Com.  Const Lawrie;  3 members of public.  APOLOGIES:-  E. Brown;  K. Bree;  E.A.C. Cllr J. McGhee.

MINUTES for monthly meeting held on Thurs, 3rd April.2014.
Approved:-  E. Ferguson          Seconded:- J. Taylor.

1. Responses to written questions received from a member of the public at the April, 2014 meeting:-.
(i) ‘Display of C.C. Minutes’ – Apart from the circulation of minutes to all C.C. members; E.A.C. Ward 1 Cllrs;  E.A.C.; Police,  copies of the minutes are displayed on the C.C. Notice Board at Dunlop Cross; a folder at Dunlop Village Hall;   the C.C. Website.
A Grant Application will be made for a Notice Board at Lugton (to replace the derelict one which was removed).
(ii) ‘Number of C.C. Cllrs’ – The recently approved/revised C.C. Constitution allows for a maximum of 12 C.C. Cllrs.   This number fixed according to population figures researched by EAC’s Head of Democratic Services.
(iii) ‘Venue for C.C. meetings – a change to Dunlop Primary School?’ – It was felt that the C.C. should support ‘Dunlop and District Community Company’ (Village Hall) – their Local Authority grant also being cut.  The Hall provided
 more flexible usage/cost effective.
(iv) ‘Maintenance of the ‘Wee Glen’ – Jim Miller
 had contacted East Ayrshire Woodlands Projects Manager – Bruce Davidson.   A site visit subsequently made and the deterioration to steps noted.  Bruce hoped to have remedial work done during May, with what resources he had available.
(v) ‘Public display of local organisation’s  A.G.M’s/Balance sheets’ –  Dunlop & District Community Co. info displayed on Notice Boards within Village Hall.
Dunlop Events Ass – contact them if concerned.

2. ‘Dunlop Main Street etc’
Kerr Chalmers, Traffic, Transportation & Road Safety Team Manager, East Ayrshire Roads Alliance, apologised for not responding sooner to the request made several months ago by the C.C.   He provided an assurance that he would attend the next C.C. monthly meeting on Thursday, 5th June, 2014.       ,
3. Speeding at Lugton – Community Policing Team Leader, Insp. Alan Henderson, reported that Traffic Police Officers were giving the complaint their attention – 4 speeding tickets issued on the first morning.
4. Hanging Baskets –  Our application for a grant submitted to E.A.C. – a decision awaited!
5. Defibrillater – Liz Brown still making enquiries with British Heart Foundation etc.

1. From E.A.C’s Communications Dept – Info re ‘improved services’ which would be provide at the ‘Stewarton Hub’
2. Info from E.A.C. re a ‘Community Planning Resident’s Survey, 2014’ which will be rolled out from week commencing 28 April until mid June
3. E.A.C’s Renewable Energy Fund – consultation on a ‘Stage 2’ Funding application – no objections.
4. Letter from Cathy Jamieson, M.P. sending her best wishes to all concerned in the Lugton Road/B.B.C Beechgrove Garden Project.
5. Newsletter from the ‘Scottish Rural Parliament’ – due to begin a dialogue with C.C.s in May – interested? – contact Jude Dallas at info@scottish
6.Induction packs for newly appointed Office Bearers and Community Cllrs available from the Secretary.
7.Anybody interested in attending  ‘social media training’/networking sessions being held on 24th/25th  June?   Contact E.A.C.’s Lynn Young.


TREASURER – Andrew Pinkerton reported – We have £1,490.12p C.C.funds. viz, Bank – £1,444.82p;
Cash – £45.30p.
Repayment to Ayrshire Leader – £392.48p.
C.C. funds at start of year – £1,097.64p (Gen funds – £931.64;   Hanging Baskets Fund -£166.00)

POLICE – Const. Lawrie reported-
(i) a break-in to an empty office with intent to steal  – nothing stolen!
(ii)road accident involving a cyclist and a motor vehicle – one male reported.
‘U’ Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Gillian Macdonald commented in her monthly update that the last year had been a huge success for Police Scotland with crime at a 39 years low – levels of public satisfaction and confidence in policing in Ayrshire very high.   She also provided details on arrangements for the Queen’s Baton relay through Ayrshire in June.

EAST AYRSHIRE CLLRS- WARD 1.                                                                                   Cllrs MacColl and Freel provided information on a new health structure for East Ayrshire.
Dunlop Primary School would see the start of the next extension phase, which should be completed by August.
No news regarding the open cast mining situation.
The success of the railway line modernisation is making our area more attractive to house builders and buyers, with an increase in the population.
The Queen’s Baton will be in Stewarton on ‘Bonnet Guild Day’.

Discussion took place with regard to
(i) parking conditions outside Dunlop Primary School;
(ii)  the provision of a guard rail at  Dunlop Station access;
(iii) the ‘proliferation of road signage between Dunlop and Stewarton’.
(iv) the state of access road to Burnside Cottages, Lugton.

ASSET TRANSFER/DUNLOP INITIATIVE.                                                                       1.  Asset Transfer -Consideration given to proposal received from E.A.C. regarding Dunlop Playing Fields – ‘back to the drawing board!’ – a meeting to be arranged.                                                                                                                          2. Dunlop Initative – Andrew Pinkerton had to hand, on display, exhibition panelling, purchased with ‘ring fenced money’.   These panels will provide a flexible way of providing information to the public- at various venues – about the work of the C.C.

A.O.C.B .
With the summer break approaching, an opportunity to ‘seek out’ local people who could become involved in the work of the C.C.!!

There being no other business, Chair Jimmy Young thanked everybody for their attendance and contributions to the meeting, which he then brought to a close.


A.G.M. 7.00pm.   Monthly Meeting, 7.30pm.  THURSDAY, 5th JUNE, 2014.