AGENDA for Monthly Meeting 6/11/2014

Dunlop CC Letterhead August 2014

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AGENDA for Monthly Meeting, Dunlop Village Hall, 7.30pm 6 November 2014

Minutes for Monthly Meeting Thursday 2nd October 2014
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Minutes for Monthly Meeting 2/10/2014

Dunlop CC Letterhead August 2014

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Minutes for Monthly Meeting held in Dunlop Village Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd October 2014


PRESENT: D Caulfield (Chair), I Kerr, Janette Miller, P Graham, L Brown,
E.A. Cllr J McGhee, 3 members of the public


APOLOGIES: J Young, J Miller, K Bree, E Ferguson


Minutes for monthly meeting held on Thursday 4 September 2014

Approved: J Taylor  Seconded: J Miller


Concern with children playing on roof of obsolete cabin in playing field – suggestion that we approach local farmers to arrange removal – Chair J Young will advise.

Commoncraig steps and seating area in Kirkland Road – appropriate EAC Department to be contacted.



  1. East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau – invitation to their AGM in the Park Suite, Rugby Park, Kilmarnock on Monday 20th October at 7.30pm
  2. Network Rail – Invitation to Community Engagement Programme on Friday 28th November – tea/coffee served from 9.15am and the event will run until 11.30am. Representatives from the various parts to answer any questions.



No income or expenditure since last meeting

No officers present and no update from Divisional Commander


E.A.C. Cllrs. Ward 1
     Cllr. John McGhee produced a copy of a report from East Ayrshire Council with regard to Police, Fire and Rescue Services: Local Scrutiny and Engagement Arrangements – a copy of this report can be obtained from the Secretary.
Concern was expressed with regard to dog fouling in the village including The Wee Gardens area. Cllr McGhee willcheck on how many visits are made to Dunlop by the Dog Wardens – also contacted Brian Murphy with regard to a bin at Stewarton Road.


Community Asset Transfer – Dunlop Pitch and Pavilion

The Community Council expressed disappointment that we are no further forward with this than a year ago. At the meeting in July with Sandra Marshall (EAC) she agreed that a lease was inappropriate and undertook to prepare draft heads of agreement for an outright purchase. The issue was als  raised of the area leased by the Park Association and suggested that this should be included in an outright purchase if appropriate. We also agreed that the Community Council was not the right organisation to complete the purchase and that Dunlop and District Community Company was more appropriate. Subsequently following discussions with D&DC Co. the Board agreed to act as the legal entity that would be named in any agreement. This information was passed to EAC and a draft purchase agreement was expected. However we have now been advised that Council policy was to pursue long term leases rather than purchases and we would have to provide justification why purchase was necessary, which we believed we had already done. We are not interested in a 10 year lease – must be a purchase.
We now need to go back to EAC and also get our Councillors actively involved.


Gamesa Energy UK Ltd. Is investigating the potential for a Wind Farm at Glenouther Moor, approx.. 5 Kilometres to the North of Fenwick. There was an exhibition at the Stewarton Centre on the 30th September which was attended by some CC members. The plan is for12 turbines 79 metres high, 126 metres high with blades. They will not be visible from the village but will be seen from the country areas around the village. Gamesa say there will be a benefit package to the Community. The Planning Application had yet to be lodged as at the time of our meeting. It was felt that there are too many Wind Farms in the area – Andrew will write to the Company expressing the views of the C.C.


Jack advised that work still to be done on the road and lighting at Burnside Cottages, Lugton.
He has also contacted Stewarton C.C. with regard to road improvement on the A735 at the ‘Hillhouse Cut’.
Jack provided a sketch of the area showing how it could be improved.
There has been no update from the Ayrshire Roads Alliance with regard to the road at the Townfoot in Dunlop – Secretary to write to Head of Roads, Stewart Turner.



  1. An exhibition of Watercolours and Felt by Dunlop artist Susan MacColl to be held at the Harbour Arts Centre, 114-116 Harbour Street, Irvine from 10th October to 17th November.
  2. A member of the public advised trees at the roadside at the ‘Wee Glen are needing cut back.
  3. It was suggested that a box should be placed in local businesses in order that the public could advise the C>C> of any issues that concern them.

DATE OF NEXT COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING – 7.30pm Thursday 6th November 2014 Dunlop Village Hall.