Police Scotland – Warning Notice

Police Scotland are urging residents to always be wary of unknown or unexpected callers who claim that maintenance work is required on your property, never accept offers on your doorstep and if you are made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated call a trusted friend, neighbour or police.

The advice comes after bank staff helped to thwart a bogus roof work con after becoming concerned at a man in his 50s withdrawing thousands of pounds to pay for it. Staff alerted the police after the man tried to withdraw £5,000 to pay for the roofing work.

Please ensure any elderly, service users, family and friends are aware of this scam.

Bogus telephone Caller – District Wide

FROM – East Ayrshire Council:
Please see information below about a bogus telephone caller.


Colleagues, we have been made aware of a male, calling a resident about Council Tax. He claimed to be from a Council Tax Review Board and stating that the resident was paying too much council tax and that he could get them a rebate and have it backdated.

The resident said that they would wait for a letter from the council. The male caller was quite persistent but the resident was wary that it was maybe a scam.  The resident was quite clear that they would speak to someone within the council and the male caller hung up the phone.

The resident then contacted the council and was advised that it was a scam call. They wished others to be alerted as they were concerned that some people may fall for this.

Please remind service users, family and friends that if the council would not telephone about a council tax / benefit issue and would write out in the first instance.

Kind regards,
Ian George
Resource Worker
Adult Protection Unit
East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Civic Centre (North)
John Dickie Street

T: 01563 576976
F: 01563 576966

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