Minutes of Meeting 5-3-2020

Draft copy of the Minutes of the monthly meeting held in Dunlop Village Hall at 7pm on Thursday 5th March 2020.

Apologies; Cllr G Jenkins, M Brindley, E Ferguson, J Miller, J Gaskin
Present, Members; J Young, A Pinkerton, D Caulfield, V Allen, L Shuttleton, I Kerr,
J Taylor.
Present, Councillors; Cllr E Freel.
In Attendance, 4 members of the public.

The chairman, J Young, started the meeting by welcoming everyone. As there were a few new faces, he asked us all to introduce ourselves and explained about recent changes to the committee.

Minutes of the Last Meeting.
The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6th February 2020 were approved by L Shuttleton and seconded by V Allen.

Matters Arising.
It was brought to everyone’s attention that Ellenor Lochhead had resigned as the DLCC Secretary and J Young thanked her for all her hard work and organization skills during her time on the committee.
Phil Graham has also resigned due to pressure of work and family commitments.
J Young thanked him on behalf of everyone for his time and efforts on the committee.
There is now one space on the committee for anyone who is interested in giving a bit of time and new ideas to benefit their community.

J Young read out correspondence from;

  • Dr Philippa Whitford MP who was launching a programme for International Women’s Day in Kilmarnock.
  • Keep Scotland Beautiful charity need volunteers to help beautify local spaces.
    Caring for Ayrshire; to improve Health and Welfare.
  • The possibility of a local lottery to raise funds for our community.
  • Property Matchmaker event
  • Litter picking.

Police Report.
The police weren’t present at this meeting but sent a written report in their absence reiterating, (from the last meeting), the Road Traffic Act where an individual was driving on Lugton Road without a valid licence or insurance.

Treasurer’s Report.
Year End 31st March 2020.
Any expenses to be claimed before 31st March.

Income                 £480.00

Balance at 5th March 2020                 £7888.02

Planning Report.

  • Application for five dwelling places in Lugton.
  • Application for new windows and continuing work at 1 Lugton Road, Dunlop.

Roads/Rail Report.

  • Street lights are not working near the railway bridge on Stewarton Road.
  • Dam Park street lights are on all day and all night.
  • Concerns about lack of road marking on Westfield Road and Allanvale, Dunlop.
  • ARA to start repairs to the gulley at the railway bridge, Stewarton Road, in April.
  • A member of the public brought to our notice issues of speeding on Lugton Road.

Local councillor’s Report; Ellen Freel.
The report to the March meeting was mostly based on the Council’s budget which had been agreed that day.
Essentially the elements which were of most interest were that Council Tax was to be raised by 4.89% which is the maximum allowed by the Scottish Government.
There are to be no changes to parking restrictions and charges in Kilmarnock, Stewarton and Cumnock.
There will be a £30 per annum uplift charge for brown bins (garden waste). This will come into effect in March 2021. Composters will be available from the Council at half the retail price.
There will be an increase in school clothing grants to £120.
A contingency fund has been established to deal with any issues arising from the Corona virus outbreak.

The budget agreement was much more involved and can be viewed in detail on EAC website.

Participatory Budget Funding Event Update. (PBF).
The PBF event was hailed by all as an excellent and successful project that was very well attended and made a huge impact on interacting and networking between community groups and the public.
There will be a debrief with Vibrant Communities and we will look at ways of holding further similar events with East Ayrshire Council; funding, festivals etc.

Date of Next Meeting.
Thursday 2nd April 2020.

The Chairman thanked all for attending.

Please note that all meetings are cancelled until further notice