Minutes of Monthly Meeting 4/2/2016


Dunlop CC Letterhead August 2014PRESENT
D Caulfield (Vice Chair), I Kerr (Secretary), A Pinkerton (Treasurer),
E Ferguson (asst Sec), T Howie,  J Taylor, Cllr E Freel, Cllr E MacColl, 3 members of the public and 1 Police Officer

J Young, E Brown, P Graham, K Bree, Janette Miller

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on 3rd December 2015
Approved – T Howie, Seconded A Pinkerton

Dealt within agenda


  1. EAC – Dunlop House Development – Access Road – reply to our letter of
    9th September
  2. EAC – Citizens Advice Bureau Annual Report 2014-15
  3. Submission of Renewable Energy Fund Grant Applications – Closing date –
    29 April 2016
  4. The Scottish Government – A Review of Strategic Police Priorities
  5. EAC – Community Grants – advice of grant of £2,000 awarded to Community Council for replacement of noticeboards and public seats
  6. Burns Line community rail partnership – enhancing communities next to railway – possibility to achieve grants to improve our station
  7. Community Planning meeting, 11th Feb or 16th Feb at Council HQ, London Road, Kilmarnock, advise if you wish to attend
  8. Trading Standards Bulletin
  9. Buzz booklet – details of activities for adults and older people
  10. E-mail from a member of the public who had his car ‘keyed’ in Newmill Road – enquiry if he could park in the rear car park at Bowling Club

Correspondence received on 4th February – night of the meeting

  1. Invitation letter etc for the next Equalities Forum Meeting due to take place on Wednesday 24th February at Council Headquarters
  2. Information about a training event regarding the development of Social Enterprise from Elaine Millar, Vibrant Communities
  3. Information about the updated Community Council Website – Vibrant Communities


Road Safety/Road Crime – Livingstone Terrace – RTA, S6 and S7 – fail to provide roadside breath test when required to do to; fail to provide specimen of breath for analysis when required to do so; struggle with police officers resisting arrest.
1 arrested, detained to appear at court.

Violence/Anti-Social Behaviour
December 2015, 2 crimes, Newmill Road, Vandalism – scratch door of motor vehicle using key or similar.
January 2016, Kirkland Road – Breach of Bail – 1 apprehended and detained for court.
Westview Terrace – Assault – 1 apprehended and detained to appear at court.
Kirkland Road –  Breach of Bail conditions – 1 apprehended and detained to appear at court.

January 2016
Newmill Road – Theft from motor vehicle – Enter car by unknown means and steal items from within.
Kirkland Road    Theft of pedal cycle – Steal insecure bike from rear garden – red Raleigh mountain bike – Bike recovered at railway station.

Balance of account as at 31st January 2016 – £3,280.78
EAC Grant of £2,000 paid in to account
As there is no charge for use of hall for CC meetings a donation of £150 will be made to the Community Company.
Any expenses for stationery etc to be advised to AP. Half page advert to be placed in Dunlop Gala brochure at a cost of £60

Ongoing meetings with regard to Glenouther

Cllr Eoghann MacColl – Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities – East Ayrshire Council

We are waiting on the outcomes of discussions between the Scottish Government and COSLA. East Ayrshire Council’s Budget will be set at a meeting in March. The discussions between the UK Treasury and the Scottish Government around the Smith Commission will also have a bearing.

There was a visit to Kilmarnock from Paul Wheelhouse MSP Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs on Wednesday 3rd February.  He was taken on a tour of the Risk Management Centre to see the work done with the Community Alarm Service for the elderly and how EAC use CCTV to great effect, which particularly came into play during the recent flooding in Kilmarnock and in New Cumnock. The Centre works 24/7 and supports many services particularly for our older and more vulnerable people.

Prevention First – The Minister also learnt about a great piece of partnership work involving EAC, Police Scotland, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Scottish Fire and Rescue and the Third sector agencies. This has targeted anti-social behaviour and built strong links within the community with very positive results. – I will send more on both of these areas for information.

The meeting regarding the CAT transfer of the playing field and pavilion was a great success, with a high turnout and a lot of views and ideas shared. There was strong support for taking the CAT Transfer forward. It offers many potential avenues for improving the centre of our village for the good of everyone.

Matters around the train service were highlighted again last night and l can assure everyone I am following these up. These were raised by me at the last two Community Planning Partnership Board Meetings. I will report progress in due course.

Andrew Pinkerton reported on the public meeting with regard to Community Asset Transfer of Dunlop Playing Field. Approximately 80 people attended following the AGM of the Community Company. Various ideas were discussed – a working group will be formalised under the name Dunlop Community Company. The community will be consulted at every stage – and any individual or group who could give some time to assist this process should contact Andrew.

Various concerns were expressed with regard to parking in the village.

  1. Newmill Road parking near the station – there have been incidents of cars being ‘keyed’ outside the Bowling Club
  2. Double parking at the Village Hall making it difficult for residents to access Kirkland Road – approach Community Company to upgrade booking forms for hall users with regard to parking, also posters to park on right hand side only
  3. Concerns have been expressed with regard to parking around the Cross, especially when the area is busy with children coming off the school busses

Other road matters – There are many potholes in the country roads around the village and have been reported to Ayrshire Roads Alliance


  1. Nether Oldhall, Dunlop – conversion of existing barn to dwelling house
  2. Dunlop House Development – Access Road

The Community Council have responded to Dep Chief Executive (Safer Communities) letter of 6th January and are still concerned that the access to Dunlop House will put drivers at risk in this rural location


  1. Persimmon Development for 228 houses at Stewarton – Planning Committee meeting at Council HQ London Road on Friday 12th Concerns have been expressed with regard to roads, capacity of Stewarton School and surgery from Dunlop residents.
  2. Replacement buses are being used to support the Rail Network to cope with problems caused by the recent inclement weather.
  3. A suggestion was made to bring plant boxes at Dunlop Station forward onto platform.
  4. Hanging baskets – it was suggested that a rota for watering the baskets, during June, July, August & September, be organised.
  5. Dunlop Regeneration Project Group are proposing an upgrade for the Wee Glen including disability access, new seating etc. Any proposals for this project contact dunlopregen@outlook.com
  6. Jim MacColl reported slight increase in rainfall figures in the last few years.