Dunlop CC Letterhead Aug 2013 copyMINUTES for monthly meeting, Dunlop V. Hall, Thurs, 7 November, 2013.

PRESENT:- J. Young (Chair);  J. Miller; I. Kerr; E. Ferguson; J.Taylor; D. Caulfield; B. Wiseman;  T. Howie;  E, Brown; EAC Cllr E. Freel; 2 police officers; 4 members of public.                                                                                      APOLOGIES:- K. Bree;  A. Pinkerton; EAC Cllrs E. MacColl & J. McGhee.

MINUTES for monthly meeting held on Thursday, 3rd October, 2013.   Approved- David Caulfield             Seconded – Tom Howie.

1. Tree lopping- Park area adjoining Burnhouse Cottages-
The Secretary had contacted E.A.C’s Outdoor Services ‘Tree Man’ – David Law (01563.554065) re the complaint from residents, inviting him to inspect same and advise.
2. Remembrance Day Service – Arrangements ‘in hand’ for ex-service members at the service.
3. Vacant plot – The Fieldings – Position remains as reported at the previous month’s meeting of the C.C.

Letter received from Dalrymple & District Community Ass seeking support re possible building and park closures throughout East Ayrshire – Irene Kerr’s response read out re situation in Dunlop- position of Village Hall and Park Association.
2. Info from the ‘War Memorial Trust’ re condition of memorials and work presently in hand re 2014 –  100th anniversary of the start of World War One.
3. Letter dated 30 October, 2013 from Hazel Henderson, Consultant in Public Health, NHS, Ayrshire and Arran – Update on findings regarding complaints from Lugton residents –   In short –
(i) How  patterns of ill health in the local population compared to the Scottish average?  Response – Our research using national data and local data from the GP practice did not provide any supporting evidence of unusual patterns of ill health in the Lugton population which would point to an environmental cause of ill health.
(ii) Whether additional monitoring could be undertaken to address these  concerns, or whether we could discuss with local residents?  Response – Air  sampling monitoring results were within the normal range for a rural area.  Both active and passive air sampling results found no evidence of exposures which would represent a risk to health.  The levels measured by monitoring were all well below levels which might give rise to complaints of odour, irritation or discomfort.
ACTION – Copies of the letter, containing these final conclusions,  passed to Barbara Wiseman for the information of Lugton residents.
Letter from D. Stewart Patrick, Director, McTaggart Construction, requesting a meeting with C.C. representatives to discuss the development of Dunlop House.  Action – Jim Miller to check availability of C.C. members wishing to attend a meeting.
Info from SEPA re application by Messrs Tracy’s Ltd,Lugton, to vary conditions of a Pollution Control Permit –  Firm’s intention to process wood chips from electricity works – lime mixed with ash – no chemicals involved.
6. Info from Scottish Government – launch of a consultation period re ‘Community Empowerment (Scotland ) Bill’-open until January, 2014.  A lot of interesting proposals available on their website.
Info re workshop being hosted by CVO (EA)Ltd and E.A.C.’s Vibrant Communities at the Belford Mill, Kilmarnock on 21st November, 2013.
8. Info re a live Q & A session, hosted by EAC Ch. Executive Fiona Lees on Thursday, 14th November – 7.00pm to 8.30pm- EAC Hqrs.
9. E.A.N.C.F  –
Meeting, Monday,21st Nov, to be addressed by EAC Ch. Exec Fiona Lees;  EAC Treasurer; Director of Education/Social Work to outline proposals for next year’s EAC budget.   Liz Brown & Jim Miller to attend.
10. Commonwealth Baton – Will visit East Ayrshire on Saturday, 21st June, 2014.  Nominations now invited for East Ayrshire Baton Bearers.
Information from EAC re their proposals/details for Community Asset Transfer and ‘property and estate rationalisation’.


TREASURER –  Report prepared by Andrew Pinkerton circulated.  In brief:-
Income – £25.00. (donation to Hanging Baskets)
No expenditure.
Balance of  Account  –  Bank  – £2,825.23.     Cash  –  £65.23.
Balance at 31st Oct, 2013       – £2,890.46.   

POLICE –  The two Officers in attendance reported as follows:-                              5 crimes in the Dunlop area during October, 2013.
Detected- 1 x Breach of the Peace;  2 x Thefts.
Undetected – 2 x Thefts by Housebreaking  (empty properties)
During December a ‘Festive Season Action Plan’ will be in operation with officers providing high visibility patrols.
Police in the community – Plan to arrange a meeting to allow members of the public to speak to officers regarding any concerns that they might have. A date in December to be verified.
Gillian MacDonald, ‘U’ Divisional Commander – 
 Letter of introduction from the new Chief Superintendent in which she stated her commitment to delivering the best possible local policing service for Ayrshire.      

E.A.C. COUNCILLORS –  Cllr Freel said that she had been contacted by a Fieldings resident who was very concerned at ‘Openreach’ placing a piece of  telephone equipment on the main road, hard against the resident’s boundary wall.   Efforts to have this equipment re-located – unsuccessful.
In an e.mail from Cllr MacColl, he stated that,
(i) with regards to the allotments application, while the Planning Committee were supportive, there was an objection from the Roads Dept on the issue of road safety which had to be resolved.
(ii) while the public counter service would stop due to a fall in it’s  use, Stewarton Police Office would not be closing.  The police direct line 101 was available at all times.
Other matters which the Cllrs wanted to call attention to were already in listed correspondence.

PLANNING – Nothing to report at this time.      

DUNLOP COMMUNITY INITIATIVE-  A  letter will be sent out to local organisations  inviting representatives to a meeting – based on our feasibility studies re hydro power/heritage – to work on a ‘Community Development Plan’.

ROADS.                                                                                                                                     1. Road Structural Maintenance Programme 2013/2014 – Jack Taylor, in his response to the request from EAC Roads Dept, emphasised the C.C.’s repeated request that the re-surfacing of the Burnside Cottages access road at Lugton be included in the programme.
2. Traffic- Dunlop Main Street.   
Letters received from-
(i) Insp Alan Henderson, Community Policing Team, stating that he would be happy to offer assistance, and would arrange for a local officer and someone from the Roads Policing Unit to attend a meeting once it was arranged.
(ii) Kevan Aitken, Acting Head of EAC’s Roads and Transportation Dept, acknowledging the C.C.’s letter and incident log attached, stating that the information was most useful and would help him fully consider the issues. A further communication from him would follow.
Thereafter, a lively discussion took place on the subject, with contributions from all present, including a suggestion from Jim Miller that a consultative group, which would include Townfoot residents, be formed. It was still the C.C.’s intention to hold a public meeting once further information had been received from the Roads Dept.

A.O.C.B.    Jim Miller reported that arrangements for the presentation of C.C. Commendations to several local residents were ‘in hand’.

There being no other business, Chair Jimmy Young, thanked everybody for their attendance and closed the meeting.



 My apologies to all for the very late posting of this meeting.  KB