Main Street

Letter to various ‘persons in authority’

The Document has been removed because some people reported they could see under the tabs which I put over the names addresses and phone numbers to conceal the identities. Apologies to anyone affected.

Community Council Notes concerning Main Street (Jack Taylor)

There is a cleaned up version (traced) of the P1 drawing, see below. The notes are on P2.

Scans re Main St

Drawing of Main Street
In order to improve the quality I traced the drawing of the Main Street, which although it’s not to scale the accurate distance of 136m between the crosses at the two spot heights at either end of the street will allow you to work out dimensions.

Drawing of Main St Dunlop
The drawings are not great quality but should be OK for your needs.

These are pdf documents and you need Adobe Reader to see them. You can download it free from (you can untick the optional McAfee Scan)