Minutes of August 2012 CC Meeting


Secretary:- Jim Miller, 29 Westview Terrace, Dunlop KA3 4AJ.

Tel:- 01560 484024     e.mail:- dunlopolis@btinternet.com

 MINUTES for Monthly Meeting, Dunlop Village Hall, Thurs, 2nd Aug, 2012.

 PRESENT:-  T. Howie;  J. Miller;  A. Pinkerton;  B. Wiseman;  J. Bulloch;  I. Kerr;  M. Limonci;            G. Caldwell;  J. Taylor;  K. Bree;  EAC Cllr E. MacColl; Constables Kilpatrick & Sinclair;  2 members of the public.

APOLOGIES:- Janette Miller;  E. Brown;  EAC Cllr J. McGhee.

MINUTES of Monthly Meeting, 7th June, 2012.    App:- M. Limonci       Sec:- J. Bulloch.


1.Wee Glen- Info from Cllr John McGhee –  Following an inspection by East Ayrshire Woodlands staff, tasks were identified for their training team to carry out, including:- a 30m section of footpath that had washed away, requiring re-instatement; path side vegetation to be cut back;  steps scraped  and worn/rotten risers replaced;  branches that have come down to be cut up and removed; hedges at the entrance points from the road to be trimmed back;  surface water run-off from the road to be deflected away from the entrance points so that it is not running down the steps;  metal hand-rails to be rubbed down and re-painted.  Cllrs commented that workers were now on site – all very welcome news!

2.Dunlop Pharmacy Applications- The Sec reported that (i) Mr Ian Millar had withdrawn his application for a pharmacy to be sited within Dunlop Village Hall.  He stated that the Board of Dunlop and District Community Company had withdrawn their support for the proposal after a ballot of their membership showed a majority opposing the plan.  (ii) An NHS spokesperson, Margaret Scott, confirmed that the application for inclusion in the pharmaceutical list for 50 Main Street, Dunlop, has been granted.   Mrs Daly, Stewart Pharmacy, Stewarton, confirming this, said that she now had the planning process to go through.  She agreed to contact the owners of the property to ensure that the current occupiers were made aware of the circumstances.

3.Diamond Jubilee Celebrations-  The Sec stated that a Return had now been submitted to East Ayrshire Council, detailing how their grant of £2,000 had been spent (circulated to members present).   This indicated a total expenditure of £2,013.78p!                                                        – 2 –

4.Surgeries in Dunlop-EAC Cllrs-Chair Tom Howie made Cllr MacColl aware of concerns raised at the June meeting of the CC re the decision to hold all of our local EAC Cllrs’ surgeries at Dunlop Primary School rather than the Village Hall.    Was this not an expensive alternative, with a school janitor having to be present?   Cllr MacColl  noted and agreed to make further enquiry.   


1.From Cathy Jamieson MP- advice re criminals preying on the vulnerable – ‘bogus callers/tradesmen’  – to be extra vigilant, report any suspicious circumstances to the police.

2.Northern Area Local Grants Committee-meeting held on 7th June, 2012.

3.Information re Scottish Govt’s proposed ‘Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill’.

4.Notification re AGM, Atrium Homes, Tues, 28th Aug, 2012, at 39/41 John Finnie St, Kilmarnock.

5.Info re foundation of the Ayrshire(East)Foodbank.

6.Info- Community Council Annual Event-10.00hrs, Sat, 15th Sept, 2012, EAC Hqrs, Kilmarnock.

Names of delegates from our C.C by 31 August, 2012.

7.EAC Minutes- submitted 28th June, 2012.   Election of Office Bearers.


POLICE – Const. Alana Kilpatrick, accompanied by Const Lynn Sinclair, reported:- A very positive report again this month with no incidents of note.   Speeding motorists had been targeted, one male reported for speeding on the A736 at Lugton.  Numerous people were the subject of stop/searches, targeting alcohol, drugs and offensive weapons.   All with a negative result.   An action plan re youths travelling by train had been very effective with no notable incidents of disorder.

Jack Taylor asked about a V.W. Polo which had been lying at the entrance to the Fieldings for several days.   The Officers said that they were aware and that enquiries were being made to contact the owner.   There being no other questions, the Officers were thanked by the Chair for their attendance and then left the meeting.


TREASURER – Andrew reported on the C.C’s finances.   In brief, Balance at 31 July, 2012,

General Fund – £1,316.00    Community Development – £6,950.00      Total – £8,266.00

The C.C’s ‘Expenditure Summary Document’ for 2011/2012 had been submitted to EAC. Our grant from EAC for the current year is awaited. 

EAC CLLRS – Cllr MacColl briefed members on his activities since being elected in May.   He was a member of the EAC Cabinet, a Spokesperson for Improving Community Health and Wellbeing.   This had kept him very busy, travelling around East Ayrshire, visiting a variety of groups and organisations.  He was amazed at the number of activities going on and had been struck by the good will demonstrated by those he had met.

The Chair made comment on the recently completed roadworks in Stewarton Road, entering Dunlop, where the 30m.ph. had been moved down the hill right to the bend at the railway bridge.   Why?   There was now a length of footway outside the new limit.   Will it no longer be re-surfaced?   The anti-skid surface at the same locus was showing a lot of wear.   This was a dangerous corner.   Could it not be re-newed?  Comments noted by Cllr.

Members commented on the state of pavements in Dunlop – weeds sprouting everywhere and overgrown hedges.   The Sec said that he had made enquiry. He was informed by Bill Samson, EAC Roads Dept, that weed control was normally carried out by a private contractor 3 times a year.   The first application in June.   The second application was supposed to commence on 20th July, however, this had been hampered by the very wet conditions.   Overgrown hedges – If, after a request is made to cut back a hedge and nothing happens, a  letter would be sent to the occupier, reminding same of their responsibilities.   In extreme cases, Sec 91, Road (Scotland) Act, can be invoked, where an overhanging hedge/vegetation causes obstruction/danger to the public.   Members of the public could go ‘online’ to EAC’s ‘Street Scene’ to report any such obstructions.

PLANNING- In Liz Brown’s absence, the Sec provided the following:-

Wind Turbine, Fingart Farm – Objection by the C.C due to it’s size and height.  EAC Planning Committee meeting being held on 10th August, when objections would be considered.   Agreed to send a CC representative.

Applications:- (i) The Stables, 2 Craighead- conversion of existing former farm outbuildings to single new dwelling house. No objections.               (ii) Unit 1, Goosecraigs, Commoncraig Farm, Dunlop – temporary siting of residential caravan.  No objections.             (iii)  Post Office, 45 Main St, Dunlop – New Shopfront.    No objections.        (iv)  Renewal of listed building consent – Dunlop House –   No objections.   N.B. When Liz contacted the owners, she was informed that ‘due to the present state of the housing market this development is on hold’.


DUNLOP PLAN – Andrew commented that, after the holidays, it was time to get things moving by contacting and bringing together for a meeting, all the various organisations and groups in the Parish, particularly those with assets.  He had done a lot of research regarding renewable energy and was interested to note that new, increased, tariffs had been announced for hydro energy.

LUGTON MATTERS – Barbara reported that copies of the C.C. questionnaire had been given to-     Cllr John McGhee; SEPA; Environmental Health and Graeme Pearson, MSP.   Cllr McGhee and SEPA have been in touch with NHS Public Health Dept and Environmental Health.  They will advise us re findings into the issue identified.


SEPA wrote to all the Lugton residents, advising them of their investigation.   Let’s hope that this time we will get a result! 

ALLOTMENTS – Alan Gaskin informed the Sec at the end of June that they had to submit a Planning Application at a cost of £319!    Subsequently, in July, Alan said that the application was in, but some delays to  further progress due to EAC staff holidays.  End of this saga in sight???

COUNTRYSIDE GROUP/ROAD/RAIL MATTERS – Nothing of note to report.

C.C. WEBSITE – Kevin – ‘it’s up and running’.

50 YEARS ON- ENDING OF NATIONAL SERVICE – The Chair informed members that this was the 50th anniversary of National Service ending in 1962.   To recognise the event in some form he proposed that the CC contact villagers, past and present, who ‘did their two years’ in HM Forces.   Other villagers, past and present, who served as ‘Regulars’ would, of course, be most welcome to become involved.    A list to be compiled, obtained from the men themselves and/or their relatives.   Agreed.


With all the talk about the bad weather this year, Mr Jim MacColl provided some interesting information regarding our weather, taken from rainfall recordings kept at ‘The Hill’ –                  January to July  (note 26mm = 1.02 inches)

1995   –  727.8mm;          2000 – 766.7mm;         2005 – 693.1mm;          2010 – 635.8mm

2011 – 683.2mm;            2012 – 681.2mm.